Medical Gas System Testing

Medical Gas System Testing
There is a New Paradigm in medical gas system testing. NO longer are there questions about what should be tested , or “how often should this be tested”!

On December 2, 2011 CMS issued a memo to its surveyors that in certain situations hospitals can perform preventive maintenance on non-critical equipment less often than recommended by the manufacturer based on a risk assessment. Critical equipment is not included in this memo.

CMS then released its interpretive guide 482.41.(c)(2)

  … if the hospital is adjusting maintenance activity frequencies below those that are recommended by the manufacturer, such adjustments must be based upon a systematic evidence-based assessment…


GasMedix has done the work for the hospital….

by developing a risk based testing program that meets all of the above requirements as well as previous versions of NFPA 99. The method employs predictive and reliability testing measures tied to a risk assessment matrix in an algorithm that calculates testing frequencies. This method provides greater reliability and reduced cost. Savings of 25% can be achieved immediately while improving reliability in high use areas. Savings and reliability continue to improve in subsequent years.


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