Outlet Parts – Diamond ll Conversion to Gemini

Diamond ll faceplate    Diamond II Piston - Spring small  Diamond II Piston - Spring front view small


Typical Diamond II front body has ribbed side panel. The spring is tapered. The piston has a flat end. Also the PN on the inside of the front body will be A 30 or A 40 .

Repair parts are no available and it must be upgraded to Gemini.

Upgrade is done by replacing the secondary check with a Gemini secondary. Then installing a Gemini front body.

Pressure, Secondary Check Repair Kit 6-290802-PG $56.00
VAC, Secondary Check Repair Kit 6-290803-PG $57.00
Secondary Check 6-525344-00 $6.00


DISS Front Assbly for Gemini
Oxygen 6-234710-00 $48.00
Nitrous Oxide 6-234711-00 $48.00
Vacuum 6-234713-00 $48.00
Medical Air 6-234712-00 $48.00
CO2 6-234720-00 $48.00
Nitrogen 6-234714-00 $48.00

Gemini pic 2   Gemini Piston - Spring small   Diamond II Secondary Check small

Gemini outlet. The piston has a cross on the end. The spring is bronze. The secondary check has a point to hold the spring.


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