Environmental Codes and Standards

OSHA Documents Link
01/01/1991 – Waste Anesthetic Gases – Fact Sheet: 91-38 Download ⬇
01/01/1995 – Ethylene Oxide – Fact Sheet: 95-17 Download ⬇
01/01/1995 – Occupational Exposure to Formaldehyde – Fact Sheet: 95-27 Download ⬇
Guidelines For Workplace Exposures to Anesthetic Gases Download ⬇
FDA Documents Link
Explosions and Fires in Aluminum Oxygen Regulators Download ⬇
Guidance for Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and Other Health Care Facilities Download ⬇
JCAHO Documents Link
Utility Systems Management EC.1.7 in the CAMAC, CAMH, CAMLTC and CAMBHC Download ⬇
JCAHO Sentinel Alert – Medical Gas Mixups Download ⬇
Environment of Care chapter – Testing emergency power sources Download ⬇
Other Documents Link
Report of the Committee on Health Care Facilities – Technical Correlating Committee (HEA-AAC) Download ⬇

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