Q – Med Gas Testing Software

  1. “Q” is web based with PC and mobile device data entry and reporting.
  2. Testing and PM method use risk analysis, as required in NFPA 99, 2012 section 5.14 and reliability based maintenance, as prescribed by CMS in 482.41(c)(2).
  3. Now medical gas testing can be brought in house with code compliant professionalism.

Staff training by GasMedix can be limited to the use of “Q” with the staff member receiving a certificate of training on the testing of specific med gas equipment. Or the training can be comprehensive and an ASSE 6040 credential can be attained.

Q is the only medical gas testing program that meets the current CMS and NFPA99, 1999-2012 requirements.

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“Q” increases reliability and decreases cost while guaranteeing review compliance.

“Q” is web based software but it is also a new method of testing based on new recommendations by NFPA 99, 2012 and current recommendations of CMS. The implementation of the risk assessment algorithm built into “Q” will result in a 20% annual cost reduction as a result of decreasing the number of outlets/inlets tested if the facility is currently testing all outlets/inlets annually.

Additional savings can be achieved with the new and improved testing methods employed in “Q”. Further savings can be achieved by using the “Q” program and having GasMedix train the facility maintenance staff to do the testing.

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