DISS Integrated Flowmeter

DISS Integrated Flowmeter 2 DISS Integrated Flowmeter
The primary advantage of the DISS Integrated Flowmeter is that it makes it more difficult for someone to “borrow” the flowmeter and take it to another department. The DISS type of integrated flowmeter provides ALL of the advantages of the Amvex integrated flowmeter without the disadvantage of high initial cost and high repair costs. ANY existing outlet can easily be retrofitted to accept the DISS Integrated Flowmeter.
Advantages of the Integrated Flowmeter
  • Affixed to the wall, hard to “borrow”
  • The latch-valve assembly is gas specific.
  • All outlets are cleaned and degreased for medical gas service, factory assembled and tested.
  • Flow Ranges available: 0-8 LPM, 0-15 LPM, 0-25 LPM.

Another extremely important advantage of the DISS flowmeter option is that it can be implemented anywhere in the facility where a wall outlet is installed. Regardless of the manufacturer or connector style of the outlet, the DISS option can be installed without any adapter kits. To implement this option a DISS style faceplate can be provided from the original manufacturer. If the outlet to be used is a style that is no longer in production, then an adapter may be required.

With the removal of two screws, the Integrated Flowmeter can be removed like any other medical gas faceplate. So the age old question comes into play: How theft proof do you want it? The DISS flowmeter solution provides a nut that can be torqued down extremely tight with a wrench. This makes it a semi-permanent installation that requires tools for removal.

There will be no faceplate mismatch with the DISS option. The new DISS faceplate should look identical to the other outlets in style, color and design.

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