6040 Staff Training
Gasmedix is fully certified ASSE 6050 and available for engineering and med gas training all over the Midwest.

We offer a carefully crafted curriculum that makes it easy for hospital staff to learn the necessary regulations and procedures for becoming 6040 certified.

Gasmedix offers ASSE 6010 training and certification for medical gas installers. Our 6050 credentialed instructor Jim Quirk has over 35 years of experience in the medical gas industry.

Training is available on location, or at our facility in Evansville, IN.

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ASSE 6010 is the standard for medical gas installers. Our 6010 class is 4 days, 8 hours per day, plus 1 day for testing and brazing. This class includes NFPA Code review, installation procedures, and braze testing.

ASSE 6040 is the standard for Hospital maintenance personnel. Our 6040 class is 4 days, 8 hours per day, plus 1 day for testing. This class is designed for your particular facility and includes ASSE maintenance procedures for the entire medical gas system from source to use points.