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GasMedix is a highly respected provider of medical gas testing services and anesthesia machine maintenance to the healthcare community. Our team of Bio-Medical Technicians are licensed with ASSE 6020, 6030, 6040 (by an ASSE 6050 Credentialed Instructor) and CMGV credentials to provide the proper testing in a professional and efficient manner.

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GasMedix carries a full line of medical gas parts, flowmeters, regulators, and other products.
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GasMedix services medical gas pipeline and anesthesia equipment.
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CMS Memorandum Dec 20, 2013 Hospital Equipment Maintenance Requirements →

Memorandum Summary • S&C 12-07-Hospital Superceded: We are updating previously provided guidance to clarify: o Hospital facilities, supplies and equipment must be maintained ...

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Instrument Air can be used an NFPA 99 compliant air source for drying and blowing out equipment. GasMedix can provide ...

ASSE 6040 Medical Gas Training Class, Indianapolis →

GasMedix is now offering Medical Gas Training classes in Indianapolis. The 6040 credential is issued to those who successfully complete ...

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http://www.nfpa.org/nfpanews NFPA News is a free newsletter that provides detailed information on NFPA codes and standards activities, including Public Input and Public ...